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Angelique Celia Dreams

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Friday, 02. January 2015
Magnesium, The Invisible Deficiency That Hurts Health -
By angeliquec, 02:09

If you are feeling tired or notice weird muscle cramps it could be a problem with magnesium You may want to change your diet to get more into your system (CNN) -- Feeling exhausted? Or noticing weird muscle cramps that max workouts book review are throwing off your workouts? You might be suffering from a magnesium deficiency. Dubbed the "invisible deficiency" by some experts because it's so hard to spot and diagnose, magnesium deficiencies are more dangerous than you might think.

Apple, Nike, Pom Wonderful, Ford: Intellectual Property - Bloomberg

22 application specifies that the mark will be used for automobiles and auto engines. An earlier application, filed Feb. 26, is for the term to be used with automobile-related graphics, decals and bumper stickers. According to the auto-enthusiast website , which initially uncovered the trademark filings, it is likely the new trademarks would be used with high-performance versions of the automakers Ecoboost engines.

Data from 47 million fitness app users reveals 2014?s hottest trends | Fox News

Users either enter information into MyFitnessPal or sync it through wearable activity trackers or other fitness apps. ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT The results show slowing but still strong growth in several newer activities as options proliferate, and the enduring appeal of running and biking. More people are trying activities, like CrossFit and ballet-style barre classes, usually centered in special facilities rather than in multipurpose health clubs, the data show. Theyre also increasingly doing shorter, high-intensity workouts that promise fitness in minutes rather than hours.

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